1: Despite its loyal fan base, "Blue Bloods" has not been renewed for the 2024 season on CBS.

2: The popular cop drama starring Tom Selleck will not be returning alongside "NCIS" and "Young Sheldon."

3: Fans are disappointed by the news of "Blue Bloods" not being among the three CBS shows renewed for 2024.

4: Speculation surrounds the decision to not renew "Blue Bloods" for another season on CBS.

5: Viewers express their disappointment on social media as "Blue Bloods" gets left out of the CBS renewal list.

6: Despite its long run and dedicated fan base, "Blue Bloods" will not be returning in 2024.

7: Tom Selleck's iconic role in "Blue Bloods" has come to an end as the show fails to secure a renewal.

8: Fans of "Blue Bloods" are left wondering why the beloved show was not among the three CBS renewals for 2024.

9: The end of "Blue Bloods" marks the conclusion of a successful run that captured the hearts of viewers for years.

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