1: Introduction Meet the young Fergie and the Kids Incorporated cast, then and now. See how they've grown and evolved over the years.

2: Fergie's Beginnings Fergie started her career on Kids Incorporated, showcasing her talent from a young age. See where it all began.

3: Cast Reunions Reconnect with the Kids Incorporated cast as they come together for special reunions. Witness their lasting bond.

4: Solo Success Discover how Fergie's career flourished after Kids Incorporated, with chart-topping hits and solo success.

5: Throwback Photos Take a trip down memory lane with adorable throwback photos of the Kids Incorporated crew.

6: Where Are They Now? Find out what the cast members of Kids Incorporated are up to today. Learn about their current projects and endeavors.

7: Fergie's Evolution Explore Fergie's evolution as an artist and performer, from her early days on Kids Incorporated to her current status as a pop icon.

8: The Legacy Lives On Celebrate the enduring legacy of Kids Incorporated and the lasting impact it had on its young stars.

9: Remembering the Magic Relive the magic of Kids Incorporated and bask in the nostalgia of a beloved 80s/90s TV show.

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