1: "Exciting news! NCIS Spinoff Tony and Ziva starring Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo ordered at Paramount. #1"

2: "Fans are buzzing about the Tony and Ziva Spinoff. Here are 7 reasons why they can't wait for the new series. #2"

3: "Chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo has fans eager for more. #3"

4: "Tony and Ziva's unresolved romantic tension keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. #4"

5: "Paramount's commitment to quality storytelling has fans excited for what's to come. #5"

6: "Dynamic duo Weatherly and de Pablo are poised to bring their characters to life in a whole new way. #6"

7: "Anticipation is high as fans countdown to the premiere of the Tony and Ziva Spinoff. #7"

8: "Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks as production gets underway. #8"

9: "Don't miss a moment of the Tony and Ziva Spinoff, coming soon to Paramount. #9"

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