1: 1. Tony and Ziva reunite at NCIS headquarters. 2. A new villain threatens their relationship. 3. Tony and Ziva share a passionate kiss.

2: 4. The team uncovers a conspiracy. 5. Tony and Ziva go undercover together. 6. Ziva showcases her combat skills.

3: 7. Tony discovers a shocking secret about Ziva. 8. A dramatic car chase ensues. 9. Tony and Ziva's chemistry intensifies.

4: 10. A heart-pounding shootout leaves fans on the edge of their seats. 11. Tony and Ziva confront their unresolved feelings. 12. A surprise return from a familiar face.

5: 13. Tony and Ziva's relationship faces its biggest challenge yet. 14. The team races against time to solve a deadly case. 15. Tony and Ziva's love story reaches a boiling point.

6: 16. The past comes back to haunt Tony and Ziva. 17. A shocking betrayal threatens to tear them apart. 18. Tony and Ziva fight side by side in a thrilling action sequence.

7: 19. A mysterious figure from Ziva's past resurfaces. 20. Tony risks everything to protect Ziva. 21. A gut-wrenching cliffhanger leaves fans wanting more.

8: 22. Tony and Ziva's bond is put to the ultimate test. 23. A dramatic showdown with the enemy unfolds. 24. Tony and Ziva's destiny is revealed.

9: 25. A heartwarming reunion with old friends. 26. Tony and Ziva's epic love story comes full circle. 27. The Tony and Ziva Spinoff Series ends with a bang!

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