1: "Get ready for a meteor mania alert! 135 shooting stars every hour will light up the night sky in a stunning display. Don't miss this celestial event!"

2: "The meteor shower will be a breathtaking sight, with shooting stars streaking across the sky like fiery fireworks. Grab a blanket and enjoy the show!"

3: "Set your alarms for the peak viewing hours of the meteor shower, when the sky will be alive with shooting stars. Don't forget to make a wish!"

4: "Capture the magic of the meteor shower with a camera or simply soak in the beauty of nature's light show. This celestial event is not to be missed!"

5: "Gather your friends and family for a meteor mania party under the stars. Watch as shooting stars illuminate the night sky in a dazzling display."

6: "Plan your meteor mania viewing party with snacks, drinks, and cozy blankets for a night of stargazing. Make memories under the shooting star-filled sky!"

7: "Experience the wonder of the meteor shower as 135 shooting stars light up the night sky every hour. This celestial event is sure to leave you in awe."

8: "Don't forget to make a wish on a shooting star during the meteor mania alert. The magic of the night sky is waiting to grant your heart's desires."

9: "Join in on the excitement of meteor mania alert as shooting stars paint the night sky in a stunning display. Embrace the beauty of the cosmos above."

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