1: Why Magnesium Matters Discover the importance of magnesium in enhancing your Mediterranean diet for optimal health.

2: Magnesium-Rich Foods Explore a variety of delicious and nutritious foods that are high in magnesium to elevate your diet.

3: Benefits of Magnesium Learn how magnesium can help improve energy levels, reduce stress, and support heart health in your Mediterranean lifestyle.

4: Magnesium Supplements Find out how magnesium supplements can complement your Mediterranean diet to ensure you meet your daily needs.

5: Cooking with Magnesium Get creative with incorporating magnesium-rich ingredients into your favorite Mediterranean recipes for a flavorful boost.

6: Magnesium and Exercise Discover the role magnesium plays in improving athletic performance and recovery for a well-rounded Mediterranean diet.

7: Magnesium for Better Sleep Learn how magnesium can enhance sleep quality and overall well-being when paired with your Mediterranean eating habits.

8: Magnesium and Mental Health Explore the connection between magnesium intake and mental health to elevate your Mediterranean lifestyle even further.

9: Tips for Magnesium Mastery Wrapping up the masterclass, get expert tips on optimizing magnesium intake for a balanced and enriching Mediterranean diet.