1: Discover the top 1966 coins worth thousands. Rare finds from the year include silver dollars and gold pieces.

2: The 1966 SMS Lincoln Cent is highly sought after. Minted in special striking, it's a numismatic gem.

3: Don't miss out on the 1966 Roosevelt Dime with no mint mark. Look for uncirculated specimens for top value.

4: The 1966 Kennedy Half Dollar is a key date coin. High-grade examples fetch premium prices among collectors.

5: Explore the exquisite 1966 Washington Quarter. Minted in silver, it's a valuable addition to any coin collection.

6: Rare 1966 Silver Proof Sets are coveted by numismatists. Look for pristine examples for maximum value.

7: The 1966 Morgan Silver Dollar is a popular choice for collectors. Quality specimens command high prices in the market.

8: Don't overlook the 1966 Jefferson Nickel. Special mint errors can turn an ordinary coin into a valuable treasure.

9: The 1966 Canadian Quarter is worth a second look. Check for key varieties for potential numismatic value.

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