1: Iconic actress Jennie Garth shares insights on her famous "I Choose Me" line from 90210.

2: The empowering message of putting oneself first resonates with fans of the beloved show.

3: Jennie's portrayal of strong-willed character Kelly Taylor inspires viewers to prioritize self-love.

4: "I Choose Me" remains a powerful reminder of the importance of self-care and independence.

5: Fans continue to celebrate the iconic moment when Kelly Taylor took a stand for herself.

6: Jennie Garth's memorable performance in 90210 continues to inspire self-empowerment.

7: The lasting impact of the "I Choose Me" line showcases Jennie's influence on audiences.

8: 90210 fans admire Jennie Garth's portrayal of a character who prioritizes self-worth and independence.

9: Jennie Garth's iconic "I Choose Me" line from 90210 serves as a timeless reminder to prioritize self-love and empowerment.

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