1: Blue Bloods fans were devastated by the cancelation, which hit Donnie Wahlberg particularly hard.

2: As the actor who portrayed beloved character Danny Reagan, Wahlberg poured his heart into the role.

3: Fans admired Danny Reagan's values and loyalty, making the series a favorite for many.

4: Wahlberg's dedication and passion for the role shone through in every episode.

5: The cancelation left many wondering what would become of Danny Reagan and his family.

6: Fans took to social media to express their disappointment and call for the show's revival.

7: Donnie Wahlberg thanked fans for their continued support and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play Danny.

8: Despite the cancelation, Wahlberg remains hopeful for the future and grateful for Blue Bloods' impact.

9: Blue Bloods may be over, but the legacy of Danny Reagan and the Reagan family lives on in the hearts of fans.

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