1: Gregory Jbara, known for his role on Blue Bloods, reassures fans the show’s ending is undecided.

2: The actor hints at potential future seasons, keeping hope alive for Blue Bloods viewers.

3: Jbara's comments suggest there may be more stories to tell in the Blue Bloods universe.

4: Fans eagerly await news on whether the beloved show will continue or come to an end.

5: Despite uncertainty, Gregory Jbara remains optimistic about the future of Blue Bloods.

6: Speculation mounts as to what the next chapter may hold for the characters of Blue Bloods.

7: With no final decision made, viewers are left on the edge of their seats regarding the show's fate.

8: Gregory Jbara's words offer hope that Blue Bloods may have more tales to tell.

9: As the wait continues, fans of the show cling to the possibility of a new season.

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