1: Angelina Jolie shares that daughter Vivienne, 15, has a deep love for theater.

2: Vivienne's passion for the stage started at a young age, says Jolie.

3: Jolie reveals Vivienne's enthusiasm for theater surpasses that of the rest of the family.

4: The proud mom says Vivienne's passion for theater brings the family together.

5: Vivienne has been spotted attending various theater productions with her family.

6: Jolie supports Vivienne's interest in theater and encourages her to explore it further.

7: Vivienne's love for theater has become a bonding experience for the Jolie-Pitt family.

8: Jolie admires Vivienne's commitment to pursuing her passion for the stage.

9: Vivienne, at 15, is the family's biggest theater fan, according to Jolie.

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