1: After Donnie Wahlberg's comment, Blue Bloods fans may finally see a romance bloom between Danny and Maria.

2: The chemistry between Danny and Maria has always been undeniable, and fans are eager to see it explored further.

3: While the show has focused on the Reagan family dynamics, a Danny and Maria romance would add a new dimension.

4: Donnie Wahlberg's comment has fans buzzing with excitement, hopeful that Danny and Maria will finally get together.

5: As the tension heats up between Danny and Maria, fans are holding out hope for a romantic relationship to blossom.

6: With Donnie Wahlberg's support, Blue Bloods fans are more hopeful than ever for a Danny and Maria love story.

7: The potential for a Danny and Maria romance has been teased for years, and fans are ready for it to become a reality.

8: As Donnie Wahlberg's comment lingers in fans' minds, the possibility of a Danny and Maria romance grows stronger.

9: Will Donnie Wahlberg's comment pave the way for a Danny and Maria romance? Blue Bloods fans are certainly more hopeful than ever.

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