1: Indulge in a classic Peach Bellini, made with Prosecco and peach puree for a refreshing twist.

2: Experience a tropical twist with a Mango Bellini, combining mango puree and sparkling wine.

3: Sip on a vibrant Strawberry Bellini, blending fresh strawberries and Prosecco for a burst of flavor.

4: Elevate your party with a Raspberry Bellini, a mix of raspberry puree and bubbly champagne.

5: For a unique twist, try a Blackberry Bellini, combining blackberry puree with sparkling wine.

6: Add a touch of elegance with a Pomegranate Bellini, featuring pomegranate juice and Prosecco.

7: Transport yourself to Italy with a Blood Orange Bellini, made with blood orange juice and champagne.

8: Infuse your party with a touch of citrus with a Grapefruit Bellini, mixing grapefruit juice and sparkling wine.

9: For a twist on the classic, try a Coconut Bellini, blending coconut milk and Prosecco for a creamy sip.

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