1: "Classic Bellini - A timeless mix of peach puree and Prosecco for a sophisticated touch."

2: "Strawberry Bellini - Add fresh strawberries to elevate your cocktail game."

3: "Raspberry Bellini - A sweet and tart twist on the traditional recipe."

4: "Mango Bellini - Tropical flavors for a refreshing party drink."

5: "Pomegranate Bellini - Tangy and vibrant, perfect for any celebration."

6: "Blackberry Bellini - Rich and fruity, a delicious crowd-pleaser."

7: "Passionfruit Bellini - Exotic and tangy, a unique spin on the classic."

8: "Watermelon Bellini - Light and juicy, a summery addition to your party menu."

9: "Blood Orange Bellini - Citrusy and bold, a zesty twist for a festive gathering."

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