1: Discover 5 essential Mediterranean salad dishes that promote better digestion.

2: Delight in Greek Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, and olive oil.

3: Indulge in a refreshing Tabbouleh Salad with parsley, mint, and bulgur.

4: Savor a light and tasty Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella and basil.

5: Enjoy a nutrient-dense Nicoise Salad with tuna, eggs, and potatoes.

6: Taste the flavors of a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with olives and veggies.

7: Explore the benefits of a Horiatiki Salad with olives, peppers, and onions.

8: Try a refreshing Fattoush Salad with crispy pita, tomatoes, and cucumber.

9: Include these Mediterranean salad dishes in your diet for improved digestion and overall health.

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