1: "Step 1: Brown beef in skillet. Step 2: Add seasonings and enchilada sauce. Step 3: Layer tortillas, beef mixture, and cheese. Step 4: Bake and enjoy!"

2: "Gather ingredients: Ground beef, Enchilada sauce, Tortillas, Cheese, Spices."

3: "Prep ahead: Brown beef, Shred cheese, Mix enchilada sauce, Cut tortillas."

4: "Layering is key: Tortillas on bottom, Beef mixture next, Top with cheese."

5: "Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. Garnish with cilantro. Serve hot and bubbly."

6: "Variations: Add beans or veggies. Use different cheeses. Try green sauce."

7: "Make ahead: Assemble casserole, Cover and refrigerate. Bake when ready."

8: "Freeze for later: Wrap tightly, Store in freezer bag. Thaw before baking."

9: "Enjoy leftovers: Reheat in oven. Great for lunch or dinner."

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