1: "Discover the top 10 quietest dog breeds perfect for peaceful companionship."

2: "Basenji: Known for being quiet and clean, this breed is independent and low-shedding."

3: "Whippet: Gentle, quiet, and loving, Whippets are great for apartment living."

4: "Greyhound: Quiet, laid-back, and easy-going, Greyhounds make loving companions."

5: "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Affectionate, gentle, and quiet, this breed is great for families."

6: "Shiba Inu: Independent, quiet, and loyal, Shiba Inus make great companions for active individuals."

7: "Bichon Frise: Playful, cheerful, and quiet, Bichon Frises are great for people with allergies."

8: "French Bulldog: Quiet yet playful, French Bulldogs are great for apartment living."

9: "Maltese: Small, quiet, and affectionate, Maltese dogs are perfect for cuddling and companionship."

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